“After years of buying tailored clothing in Bangkok, recently, I have had the good fortune to learn about an up and coming tailoring retail business called The Suit Doctor.  They not only design and produce top quality tailored clothing from a variety of styles and qualities of fabrics, they also come directly to you to provide such service.

No more having to make the trip to the tailoring shop to have your measurements taken, having a fitting taken, and then pick up the final product.

Instead, let the The Suit Doctor come to your doorstep or hotel room and handle all that business for you.

I purchased my items just a couple of months ago and they are by far one of the best form fitting and comfortable pants and blazers that I wear today.

On your next trip to Bangkok or if you live there, give them a shot.  They have my highest recommendations.

Robert, USA

“Right after booking them, they make everything easy. From the first meeting in my hotel, until the time I got the final product. Everything was smooth, especially the service and quality you get for the price – Excellent!

Hadi, Indonesia  

“This is the best service I have gotten by far! Usually, I will have to visit the tailors in their shop and sometimes I find it very inconvenient to go there during rush hour. These guys on the other hand, they come right to your place. I’ve had my first meeting and one fitting with them at my home and the other two fittings in my office. Save your time with these guys, they are great and I am glad I found them.

 Joe, Thailand   

“After many years of buying off the rack suits, I thought it was finally time to treat myself to a tailored suit. I did a lot of research so that I could find the best possible option and when I found Suit Doctors, I was absolutely convinced that this was the best tailor service in Bangkok. Not only were Suit Doctors friendly and professional, but they made the whole experience incredibly enjoyable, providing fantastic guidance, offering the highest quality materials at reasonable prices, all whilst working around your schedule and meeting you in the comfort of your own home. With the most professional tailors in the city, specially trained by Saville Row tailors, with huge attention to the finer details and finishing touches, Suit Doctors produces a stunning suit, perfectly fitting. Since discovering the joy of tailor made clothing, I can honestly say I can never go back to off the rack suits, and I have no reason to ever look elsewhere other than Suit Doctors. For quality of the highest class, impeccable service, brilliant value and wonderful guidance, I would highly recommend Suit Doctors to anyone.

 Jacob, United Kingdom