Make your suit look modern and flattering.

Clothes that fit you well, make you look great. When you look good, you feel good too.

Some men enjoy buying branded clothes but these off-the-rack clothes are almost never a perfect fit because they are mass produced to a standard size. For some, it can be baggy, too long, and sometimes the complete opposite.

However, we understand the love and loyalty towards a brand and we are here to help you get the right fit. Our stylist will inspect your clothes and make suggestions on how to improve the fit of your clothes to fit you perfectly.

Schedule an appointment

Book our tailors to your location to inspect your clothes for consultation and suggestion to improve the fit of your clothes

Your clothes tailored

Our experienced tailor will alter your clothes to your desired size

Delivery within 3 Days

Receive your clothes back within 3 days. You will try it on and confirm the fit. If it is not perfect, our tailor will adjust it until perfection without additional charges.


No problem, choose a local tailor and we will pick up the cost.

We cover up to $75 per suit and $50 for everything else. Contact us at to get instructions on further steps to claim the credit. Please note that alteration credits are available within 14 days of receiving your clothes. Remember to keep your receipts to qualify for the credit.


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